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My Nocaster’s glamour shot with an oxblood KMM & CO. guitar strap 

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My Jazzmaster with a KMM & CO. guitar strap. 

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how have i not seen this guitar before, 60’s duo-sonic body, Japanese mustang neck and those pups, and its pink , dammnnnnnn this is my sorta thing

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Fender “Troy Van Leeuwen” Jazzmaster & Vox AC15 Limited Edition

Photo by Brecht Machiels

wow this is really cool

I have a similar combo. A MIJ Jazzmaster with ‘65 pickups and an AC30. Always a good pairing.

And i feel like a badass when I plug into my half stack. I imagine these 8x12’s being like the columns of Stonehenge. A fucking henge of rawk. Play the right riffs and fucking druids appear and shit gets all sorts of mystical and awesome.

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1964 Fender Bassman

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from the archive >:)